The righteous shall live… 

“The righteous shall live by his faith” (Habk. 2:2-4)
As people in a world full of suffering and hardship; as Nigerians going through the darkest moments of our lives in this economic, social and religious crisis, we may often ask the question: “Why me?” It may seem like God has abandoned us, and that He has ignored our cries. 

“The righteous shall live by his faith.” God is never aloof in our sufferings. If we cling to Him in faith, we will overcome. However, if we sell ourselves short and comprise our faith just so we can survive in moments such as this, we will definitely fail (Habk. 2:2-4).

Living by faith is being able to see the hand of God in our circumstances and sustaining our integrity in Him, irrespective of the consequences. 

Just like the apostles in the Gospel of today, we too may ask God to increase our faith in proportion to our ordeal, so we can remain steadfast in Him, but He reminds us that even the least faith in Him is sufficient (Lk. 17:6). As a granule of sugar is enough to draw an army of ants, so also is a speck of faith in God enough to draw His blessings and favours.  All He requires is that we recognise and accept that He alone can help us in our predicament. 
Dear Lord, in the face of this recession, hunger and insecurity, help me to remember the words of Psalm 121 and acknowledge You as the source of my help. Amen .

A Happy Sunday to us all. 


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